Here’s a list of team-building activities that have been effective for some of our Hardware Innovators: 

  • Company Picnic – include fun activities like a relay race or minute-to-win-it games. You can also have volunteers from your store be in charge of the “fun” while you take care of food and venue!
  • Hawaiian T-shirt Friday – Especially if your store has a strict dress code. When employees dress in Hawaiian t-shirts, they can also wear blue jeans. The little things matter when building comradery! 
  • Annual Christmas Party – Have fun games like relay race and minute-to-win-it games. One suggestion was to buy sumo suits – cause everyone always gets a kick out of games with sumo suits!
  •  Celebrate birthdays and Anniversaries – make it a big deal when employees have been around for 10+ years! That rarely ever happens in retail.
  • Snacks – Buy snacks for $250-$300 (once a month). Put an employee in charge of a Costco run, and they get to pick up the team’s favorite snacks!
  • Employee Recognition is Hugeincentivize employees to earn company-wide badges and give them a shoutout on social media (take a look at what Hogan Ace Hardware does to recognize their employees)! Include team lunches based on those employee achievements!
  • Value Board – Encourage team members to catch each other doing something that’s based on your store’s core values. Put those team member’s names and what they did on the value board. At the end of the month, put those names into a hat, and winners get $50. You can also do this quarterly and create a gift basket that’s tailored to that person for $250-ish dollars worth!
  • Lean Into Store Competition – one idea is to have a bucket sale competition between your hardware stores! The team gets really into it, but it’s mostly a sales-driven competition. Create your own trophy out of supplies around the hardware store, and the store winner gets to keep the trophy on display until next year’s competition!