About Hardware Innovators

The Hardware Innovators Mastermind Group works to bring together locally owned and operated hardware retailers who are on a mission to dominate their industry through implementing innovative ideas and new technologies. In bringing these thought leaders together, we are helping local hardware retail businesses thrive while protecting the legacy of their brands.

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How It Works

A successful hardware retail store demands the constant attention of a business leader. Between managing operations on a floor level, finding valuable employees, efficiently controlling inventory, and staying up to date with technologies, there’s never enough time for innovation and strategy.

That’s where the Hardware Innovators Mastermind Group comes in! Upon joining, you will have access to an active private Slack channel, monthly mastermind events, and helpful resources like member-written blogs, videos, and downloadable templates. This is a lab curated for you to innovate, grow and share.

Ground Rules

At Hardware Innovators, we keep things simple. That certainly applies to our rules.

Play Nice: We are all here to support and learn from our fellow Innovators. We insist that all interactions come from a place of respect for all.

Keep An Open Mind: We believe that curiosity is the key to innovation. It is important to keep an open mind when encountering new ideas or perspectives.

Collaborate & Grow: The strength of the Hardware Innovator Mastermind Group relies solely on its members. Consistent collaboration from each member is the key to community growth. When you commit to Hardware Innovators, you are not only committing to personal growth, but growth for the entire community.

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Keep an open mind

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Our Advisors

The magic of the Hardware Innovators Lab starts with its members. Thankfully, we also call four of those members our advisors. These industry experts have 90 + plus years of collective experience and help spark conversations and ideas for growth. Each member-advisor brings a unique perspective to the table that provides a platform for a broad spectrum of participation and collaboration.

Todd Callan

Todd is the Chief Operating Officer of HomCo Lumber & Hardware since 2011. He brings over forty years of lumber and hardware
expertise with a passion for the hardware retailing industry.

  • Holds an Arizona Contractor’s License and enjoys sharing his knowledge with the Flagstaff community.
  • As a people first leader steeped on the power of culture building, Todd is the creator of the iImpact value system. (Integrity Innovative Thinking Maturity & Judgment People focused Accountability Communication Team Leadership)
  • As a Master’s Graduate of Rapport Leadership International, he has gained valuable leadership skills in providing a positive workplace with a focus on the development of the employees.
  • Todd believes that the success of a business is driven by the strength of its people.

Linda Small

Linda is the Owner and CEO of Retail People Solutions Inc. She’s developed a process to help to align organizations at all levels to get the most out of their work teams and maximize sales potential.

  • Collaborated with NRHA (National Retail Hardware Association)
  • 30 years of experience in business coaching
  • Has impeccable eyewear fashion

Rand Jenkins

Rand Jenkins Partner, Visionary, and Strategist at Mountain Mojo Group, and founding member of Hardware Innovators. He has been creating unique marketing solutions for a variety of businesses for over 20 years.

  • 5 years of developing strategies for Hardware Retail Hardware stores
  • Founding member
  • Has 20 new ideas before he even wakes up

Kim Peffley

Kim Peffley began her career 30 years ago as a cashier in her family-owned Hardware store. When the family sold the business, she continued as a manager and was promoted to General Manager, overseeing 7 stores.


  • Former General Manager of a 7-store chain
  • Loves to develop others! Watching others grow fuels her soul
  • Self-proclaimed leadership junkie. She loves to spend time learning new things and pushing her comfort zone
  • Happily married for 20 years to the love of her life

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