Our Hardware Innovators have noticed a dip in retail sales – so there’s a need to increase B2B sales to make up the deficit. Here are some tips to treat your B2B customers like VIPs and positively affect your bottom line!

  • Devote one day a week to going out in the community and visiting job sites to check in with your clients; relationships are everything, and guaranteeing delivery is more important than pricing for customers.
  • You don’t have to discount to be competitive in the industry, you just have to have the best customer service. Things like same-day delivery, separate entrances in your store for contractors, always having snacks or hot coffee ready, and some customers having personal cell phone numbers on speed dial!
  • Follow through on promises and manage expectations.
  • Pick up and drop off of rental equipment—you can even charge a premium for this service. More often than not, it’s about convenience, not dollar value.
  • Drop everything when they call – this shows that you care about them, and in return, you’ll be the first person they call when they need something.

Do you have tips to share with our Innovators on how to increase B2B sales? Feel free to send us an email or drop into our Mastermind calls to let us know!