Are you meeting your customer’s needs? Don’t rely on guesswork when it comes to customer needs. In a 2022  Farnsworth Group study, 300 customers were asked what was most important and most impactful for them. The customers were asked to rank fourteen factors of retail on their importance and impact. The survey data below highlights three factors that deliver both impact and high value to hardware retail customer needs.

chart mapping out customer responses to a survey about what they found most important and most impactful in shopping at their local retail hardware store. The Y axis is "derived importance, scaled low to high. The x axis is "stated importance", low to high. The top left quadrant (high derived importance; high stated importance) is where value added opportunities exist. For example, "has unique items you cannot find elsewhere". The bottom right has "minimum expectations" (high stated importance; low derived importance). Examples include "has good sale prices". Contact us if you would like a more in depth description.


But what does it mean? Head over to Mountain Mojo Group’s blog post to learn more about these findings, and figure out how you can use them to create a better customer experience at your store.