Coming up with content month after month for your hardware store can be daunting. Remember to give your customers a heads-up about big holidays or DIY projects.

Here’s a list of content ideas to help give you a jump start on your monthly content scheduling!



  • New Year, New Projects: Promote DIY project ideas for home improvement.
  • Winter Maintenance Tips: Content on maintaining heating systems, plumbing insulation, and snow removal tools.
  • Storage Solutions: Organizing garages and sheds post-holiday clutter.


  • Valentine’s Day Projects: DIY gift ideas and home decor projects.
  • Winter Storm Preparedness: Tips on essential supplies and tools for severe weather.
    Indoor Plant Care: Highlight tools and supplies for indoor gardening.


  • Spring Cleaning Essentials: Cleaning supplies, organizing tips, and storage solutions.
  • Garden Prep: Tools and tips for preparing gardens and lawns for spring planting.
  • Home Repair Checklists: Post-winter home inspections and repairs.


  • Earth Day Specials: Eco-friendly products and sustainable home improvement tips.
  • Outdoor Living Spaces: Ideas for patios, decks, and outdoor furniture.
  • Tool Maintenance: Spring cleaning and maintenance for power tools and garden equipment.


  • Mother’s Day DIY Gifts: Crafting tools and ideas for handmade gifts.
  • Grilling Season Kickoff: Grill maintenance tips and outdoor cooking accessories.
  • Gardening Tips: Planting guides, soil, and garden tool promotions.


  • Father’s Day Projects: DIY project kits and power tool promotions.
  • Summer Renovations: Home improvement ideas for summer projects.
  • Outdoor Entertaining: Lighting, seating, and decor for summer gatherings. 


  • Patriotic Projects: DIY decor for Independence Day.
  • Summer Safety: Tips for using tools and equipment safely in hot weather.
  • Lawn Care: Maintaining a healthy lawn during peak summer.


  • Back-to-School Organization: Storage solutions for dorms and study spaces.
  • End-of-Summer Sales: Clearance on seasonal items and summer tools.
  • Storm Prep: Preparing for late summer hurricanes and storms.


  • Fall Gardening: Planting autumn flowers and vegetables.
  • Home Insulation Tips: Prepping homes for cooler weather.
  • DIY Home Decor: Fall-themed decor projects.


  • Halloween Decorations: DIY spooky decorations and lighting.
  • Winterization: Tips for insulating and protecting homes from the cold.
  • Fire Safety: Promoting smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.


  • Thanksgiving Prep: Kitchen tools, table settings, and home improvement for guests.
  • Black Friday Sales: Promoting major discounts and special deals.
  • Winter Tool Prep: Snow removal tools, heaters, and winter car care products. 


  • Holiday Gifts: Gift ideas, tool sets, and DIY kits.
  • Holiday Decor: Christmas lights, tree stands, and DIY decoration ideas.
  • End-of-Year Maintenance: Year-end maintenance checklists and home improvement resolutions.

General Content Ideas To Post Throughout the Year:

  • Throwback Photos: Pull out the baby albums or photos from your early days! Your audience will love these!
  • Giveaways: You can never go wrong with a social giveaway! It’s a great way to bring in new followers (especially if you include tagging friends for additional entries).
  • Highlight Your Culture: For example, one of our Innovator’s stores is known as the “friendliest place in town,” and they often post photos of their employees smiling and dog photos! 
  • Celebrate Employee Anniversaries: Hardware stores have some of the highest retention rates with employees. Give them a shoutout on social media, they’ll love it!

Do you have content ideas to share with our Innovators on how to increase engagement and sales? Feel free to send us an email or drop into our Mastermind calls to let us know!