SEO is a tool that your hardware store can utilize to compete with large online retailers like Amazon. Positioning your website as the go-to resource for your local community is far more powerful than ordering from an online store that you can’t have a face to face conversation to talk about which chainsaw or BBQ works best for you.

The key to this is to rank #1 when it comes to people searching things like, “How do I get rid of voles in my yard” or “Best log splitter near me.”

The trick is to get more people to engage with your content – just think, 3,000-4,000 more people a month engaging with your website could mean a massive difference to your bottom line.

We have to create content that’s relevant to stay top of mind. So, why not focus that content on SEO?

Here’s a couple of words that you should know when it comes to SEO:

SEO – Stands for “search engine optimization.” It’s the process of improving your website so that search engines like Google are more likely to show your business in users’ search results.

Short-tail Keywords – These are search queries that refer to very broad topics and have high search volumes.

Long Tail Keywords – These are more specific and typically have low search volume.

Here’s how to work smarter and not harder: 

  1. Write a blog post and optimize it for SEO
  2. Post it to your website
  3. Post snippets of that blog with eye-catching graphics to social media channels and link to the blog on the website
  4. Take that post and include it in your regular newsletter – chances are if a couple of people have that question, then more than a couple of people in your newsletter subscriber list have that question, too! (always link back to the post on the website!)
  5. Bonus tip! Engage your employees when it comes to getting content – ask younger employees to make reels and make it a competition for your veteran employees!

Google keeps an eye on how many people read, how long they spend on that page, and how many people click links on that page. The more eyes on the page, the higher you’ll rank on Google, and the more people will see that blog!

Need more support when it comes to SEO? Our partner, Mountain Mojo Group is experienced in building SEO strategies specific to Hardware Retail stores like yours.